Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Facts:

There are hundreds of studies confirming the health benefits of Brussels sprouts related to cancer. This is thanks Brussels sprouts providing special nutrient support for three body systems that are closely connected with cancer development as well as cancer prevention. These three systems are the body’s detox system, its antioxidant system, and its inflammatory/anti-inflammatory system. One serving of Brussels sprouts provides over 100% of your recommended daily value of vitamin K and vitamin C. They are also a good source of numerous other nutrients including folate, vitamin A, manganese and dietary fiber.

Shopping Tips:

  • Choose Brussels sprouts that are firm, compact, and vivid green. They should be free of yellowed or wilted leaves and should not be puffy or soft in texture.
  • Keep unwashed and untrimmed Brussels sprouts in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator. Stored in a plastic bag, they can be kept for 10 days.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Capers

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