Who we are

Transforming Health Care

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital seeks new and innovative ways to improve health and wellness. The Farm serves our community by improving access to fresh food, nutrition education, and therapy. We have locations at St Joe’s Ann Arbor and St Joe’s Oakland.


We grow a healthy community by empowering people through food, education, and relationships.


We live our mission by:

Nourishing minds, bodies, and spirits

We rejuvenate our community!

Producing diverse and delicious food

We connect people to their food from seed to stomach!

Educating at the intersection of health, agriculture and sustainability

We make curiosity cool again!

Cultivating purposeful relationships for community health

We are better together!


Core Values

We join everyone on their path to better health.
We honor each person’s unique experience.
We inspire joyful connections.
We actively include a diverse community.
We build and maintain fearless partnerships.
We innovate passionately.
We embed environmental sustainability in all we do.
We utilize our resources responsibly.
We live these values with love.