Farmers Market Closed

Dear Friends,

To protect the health and well-being of our community, the St Joe’s Farmers Market will be closed until further notice.

As we all slow down and step back from physical contact with one another, let us lean in and connect emotionally with one another. Please reach out if you are in need physically or emotionally. You can reach me at

Poodle sitting at computer desk.
Everyone is helping right now.

Community Resources: check out the Washtenaw County COVID-19 Essential Services Update page( There is a comprehensive list of resources for things like food, housing, utility support etc.


With love,

Amanda and the Farm Team

New Hours for Spring Farmers’ Market Go Into Effect

The sun sets behind hoophouse 2 on a late winter evening.

Starting this week, the farmers’ market will be held from 11 am – 1 pm at our usual hospital lobby location.

The 3pm – 5pm market will not be held until further notice.

To see what’s for sale, check out our page at Real Time Farms.

We will continue to sell our fresh bagged baby and teenage salad, spinach, kale and greens through the store at Joe’s Java. If you can’t make it to market between 11 am and 1 pm on Wednesday, check the coolers at Joe’s Java!

Spring is a time of transition and Farmer Dan plans to use the extra time on Wednesdays to start and care for seedlings, and to transition the passive solar greenhouses from winter to summer crops.