St Joe’s Oakland Farm Share


Like a veggie subscription service, our collaborative Farm Share is a great way to get local fruits and veggies every week (full share) or every other week (half share). Becoming a member is a great way to eat more fresh food while supporting local farmers!

Size: averages 6-8 items

Farm Share Cost:

Full (20 weeks) = $500

Half (10 weeks) = $280

2021 Season Dates: July 8 – November 18

**Need help affording fruits and vegetables? We have free memberships available. Use the registration link below to see if you qualify.

Register HERE

Where does the food come from?

The St Joe’s Farm Share is a collaborative effort. We work with many local farmers to aggregate a wide variety of responsibly grown, local fruits and vegetables. Working together allows us to:

  1. Increase variety
  2. Increase our number of available shares
  3. Support local, sustainable agriculture

What will I get if I sign up?

You will pick up a box of fruits and vegetables from The Farm at St. Joes Oakland. The exact contents will change week-to-week and season-to-season. Starting in July you will see things like salad greens, carrots, beets and tomatoes. As we transition to fall, there will be more squash, potatoes, apples, and bunched greens like kale. 

We offer whole and half shares

Whole shares: you pick up every week. This is designed for 3-4 people.

Half shares: you pick up every other week. This is designed for 1-2 people who are new to the program.

How will I get my veggies?

Pick up from St Joe’s Oakland Hospital Thursdays 3-6pm.

How will I know what I’m going to get?

You will receive an email every week letting you know what will be in the share. This will include recipes, nutrition information and more! If you want to see examples of past newsletters, click here.