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Part of our mission at The Farm is to promote to consumption of healthy, locally-grown produce.  Enjoy, and please share resources you think we should include.

Identify, Store and Prepare Produce

Asparagus     Beans     Beets      Bell Peppers     Broccoli     Brussels Sprouts     Cabbage     Carrots     Collard Greens     Cucumbers     Eggplant     Garlic     Kale     Kohlrabi     Mizuna     Swiss Chard     Tomatoes     Turnips     Zucchini

Cook Fresh Produce Using Recipes

Garden and Grow Your Own Food

Preparing Garden Beds (Video from the Virtual Grange)

Pruning Tomato Plants

Planting Dates for Winter Harvest Crops (from Johnny’s Seed Co)

Building a Produce Wash Table