How to pick up your Farm Share (Oakland)

We have two ways to pick up your share!

In Person!

Join us in person from 3-6pm on Wednesdays in The Farm and Food Hub, located across from the Gift Shop! As the season ramps up, we will often have extra veggies, share recipes, and have pop up events. You’re also encouraged to explore The Farm and get to know your fellow members!


If you can’t join us on Wednesday, you can still pick up your food! Self-serve is an option just outside The Wellness Center, which is located next to The Gift Shop at St. Joe’s. There you will find a glass fronted cooler that contains your share. Simply initial that you got yours when you pick up!

Shares will move to the cooler Wednesday evening and can be picked up from there until Sunday throughout the season.

The boxes shares are packed into are waxed and reusable! Please bring your box back to us!