Growing Compassion Garden

Bee of close-up sunflower
The Growing Compassion Garden is a project that brings a powerful healing presence to Trinity Health Ann Arbor through a joyful and beautiful dose of nature: flowers.  This is a  project started by and run by employees who volunteer their time to give flowers to hospitalized patients who are alone and in need, as well as to locations at the main Hospital entrances frequented by patients. The flowers are grown by our Farm team, then volunteers pick the flowers and create artfully arranged bouquets. Farm staff then deliver the flowers to patients who are alone in the hospital.


It is an honor to have this idea supported by Trinity Health and to provide an opportunity to enhance our remarkable care with remarkable compassion, providing a healing presence to our community and to those patients who are facing a significant health concern alone.


This program was started in 2016 and our goal is to get more staff volunteers interested in supporting the program, so that it can continue to expand and include more direct patient deliveries.

  Wheel barrow Cosmos and zinnias

Volunteers are needed for the following:

  • Pick, arranging, and deliver flowers weekly to a designated Hospital locations
  • Plant flowers in the Spring
  • Water and weed the flower beds at The Farm

The amount of time can be small or large depending upon the task, but the employee must commit to volunteering weekly.  Current volunteers share that they feel joy in being of service to those in need.  The gift of flowers is transforming and healing.

If interested, please contact  

Sunflowers and Strawflowers