St. Joe’s Farm Share

(previously known as the CSA program)


Sign up now for Fall 2019 Farm Share program!!

Each season is 12 weeks and costs $276 (full share) or $156 (half share)

**Closed** Spring: April 10- June 261 2 weeks of tender spring greens, early carrots, peas, beets etc. New this year, we are including oats, honey, beans, and other grains!  Full; Half

**Closed** Summer: July 3-Sept 18 Get the best of the hot weather crops: blueberries, peaches, tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, corn, and melons! 

Summer Full (Prorated)

Summer Half (Prorated)

Fall: Sept 25-Dec 11 Stock your pantry with potatoes, squash, apples, beets, and carrots; while enjoying tender spinach, kale, and other leafy greens.

Fall Full

Fall Half


Medical Residents, you can use your stipend dollars to pay for the program! Use the registration links below:

Resident — Summer

Resident — Fall


New to the idea of Farm Shares or CSAs? Learn more about our program below

What is a Farm Share or CSA Program?

Like a veggie subscription service, members of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Program get produce straight from their local farmers for a pre-determined amount of time.

What is a collaborative Farm Share?

Our program works with 10 local farmers to aggregate a wide variety of responsibly grown, local fruits and vegetables. Working together allows us to:

  1. Increase variety
  2. Increase our available number of shares
  3. Support local, sustainable agriculture
    • Our program will generate ~$100,000 in revenue this year that will go back to the farmers.

What will I get if I sign up?

You will pick up a bag of fruits and vegetables from The Farm at St. Joes. The exact contents will change week-to-week and season-to-season. Spring will feature a lot of greens (arugula, spinach, kale, etc). Summer will include things like tomatoes, peaches, carrots, eggplant, and peppers. Fall will have both greens as well as many of the storage crops such as potatoes, squash, and beets.

We offer whole and half shares

Whole shares: you pick up every week. This is designed for 2-3 adults or a family of 4.

Half shares: you pick up every other week. This is designed for 1-2 adults or people who are new to the program.

How will I get my veggies?

There are two pick up options: Here’s a tutorial video!

  1. Self-serve: Anytime between Wednesdays at 2pm-Sundays at 8pm. You can come anytime between Wednesdays at 2pm to Sundays at 8pm to pick up your share. That means you can come at night, early in the morning, and on the weekends. Shares will be pre-packed and stored in walk-in cooler at the Farm. Remember your produce will be fresher the sooner you pick it up.
  2. In-person: Wednesdays from 3:30-6 pm Come pick out your veggies and talk to the Farm staff and other CSA members! We will have demos, samples, and other fun activities. Plus, this is a chance for you to bring your own bag to reduce waste!

How will I know what I’m going to get?

You will receive an email every week letting you know what will be in the share. This will include recipes, nutrition information and more! If you want to see the other emails, they get posted below


An example of an early fall share


“Dear Amanda,

I have to share my personal story to the group. I have lost 20lbs since I started to receive these wonderful vegetables each week. I grew up in a catering business and love to cook. I have been so overjoyed by the fresh vegetables we receive each week. Thank you for the wonderful health benefits I have received and the variety of fresh vegetables my family and friends are enjoying.

~St. Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor staff.”

Newsletters–we send out a weekly newsletter to our members. We try to archive them here.


2018 Spring Week 1

2018 Spring Week 2

2018 Spring Week 3

2018 Spring Week 4

2018 Spring Week 5

2018 Spring Week 6

2018 Spring Week 7

2018 Spring Week 8


2017 Summer Week 1

2017 Summer Week 2

2017 Summer Week 3

2017 Summer Week 5

St. Joe’s Farm Share Pluse

Do you need help eating healthier?

Join the St Joe’s Farm Share Plus! A subsidized program that provides weekly boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables.

A summer share

Previously known as the Subsidized CSA program.

What: Join our program and get a box of fresh fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers every week from Spring through Fall. Plus, free items like cookbooks, knives, and cutting boards, as well as educational opportunities for the whole family!

When: April 10 through December 11,2019

How: Pick up your bag from The Farm at St. Joe’s (5557 McAuley Dr, right on the hospital campus!) weekly. Map

How much: This program is free to qualifying families.


  1. You need help affording more fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Examples:
    • You have had to choose between buying produce and other necessities within the last month.
    • You already participate in food assistance programs such as SNAP or WIC
  2. You have 1+ children in the household or you are pregnant
  3. You can commit to picking up your share at The Farm each week from April 10-December 11.
  4. You can commit to attending an orientation at The Farm and filling out a post-participation survey.

Interested in the program, but don’t qualify? Check out our member-pay Farm Share. Learn more here


Please fill out this Google Form. You will be notified if you have been added to the wait list via email or phone.

Why participate?

  1. People love it! Previous members reported:
    • Eating more fruits and veggies
    • Trying new fruits and veggies
    • Feeling healthier
    • Losing weight
    • Having fun trying new foods with their children
  2. Support local farmers!

What Will I Get?

There will be different vegetables and some fruit throughout the season. Examples:

Spring: kale, radishes, oats, honey, peas, lettuce

Summer: tomatoes, zucchini, blueberries, corn, collards

Fall: Squash, potatoes, spinach, turnips, carrots, beets, apples

How will I get it?

Pick up happens at The Farm at St. Joe’s each week.

Option A: Traditional Pick-up Wednesdays 3:30-6pm

Come meet your farmers, try samples, learn new cooking skills and more!

Option B: Self-serve pick-up

Come any time each week between Wednesdays at 12:30pm and Sundays at 5pm and pick up your bag from the walk-in cooler.