Wellness Wednesday Jan 30th

Hi Everyone!

It’s brutally cold outside, but we’re already planning for summer. Come to the first Wellness Wednesday of 2019 and learn more about our Farm Share (used to be CSA); Summer Camp programs; and other ways to engage with the Farm.

Where: Event Center (near the Farmers Market)

When: Wednesday Jan 30th from 11-1.

Example of a summer share


What: We will have snacks, hands-on activities, AND the first 50 people will receive a free reusable bag with veggies inside!! 

Also, the Farm Share registration pages are now open. Learn more on our Farm Share page 


Fall CSA week 8 – whole share

Fall Week 8: Happy Thanksgiving and double distribution

Happy Thanksgiving, a week early! Due to the upcoming holiday, we are having a double distribution this week and NO distribution next week (Nov 21).

We are encouraging everyone to come on Wednesday from 3:30-6pm to pick up your shares for a couple of reasons:

  1. There will be so many veggies we’re a bit worried about storing them all.
  2. This will be our last in-person distribution. Nov 21-Dec 12 will be only self-serve (it’s getting too cold and dark).
    1. We have loved getting to know all of you and would love to see your faces and hear your thoughts about the season.
  3. It will be inside! To stay warm, we will be distributing food from the classroom building at the Farm.
  4. You can pick your own herbs from our herb gardens. We have sage, thyme, chives, and rosemary.

If you cannot pick up during the in-person distribution, that’s okay! The double shares will be packed in paper bags and will be on the shelves on the left side of the walk-in cooler.

What’s in your produce bag:

Cabbage (there will be a mix of savoy, green, and purple)
Rye Berries
Salad Mix
Butternut squash
Sweet Dumpling squash


Veggie Spotlight:Rye Berries

Rye is a grass that has been bred for cereal grain production, just like wheat. Eating rye is good for the environment because it can be used as a winter cover crop (I have some planted on the back field right now) and it can feed people!

Rye berries are the whole-grain form of rye with only the hull removed. When cooked, the have a nice, mild nutty flavor. They can be cooked and used instead of oatmeal for breakfast or put into salads (recipe below). Rye berries are a great source of fiber (21 % of DV in ¼ of a cup) and a good source of protein (6g per ¼ cup).


Roasted Sweet Potato, Spinach and Grain Salad (Naturally Ella)

Homemade Cereal (Macon Creek–see attached)

Rye Berry Salad (Macon Creek — See attached) could sub butternut squash for the sweet potatoes in recipe

Fresh Milled Oatmeal recipes (The Grainery)

Quinoa Stuffed Sweet Dumpling Squash (The Kitchn)

Ginger/garlic savoy cabbage (Genius Kitchen)

Thanksgiving Squash Recipes (Food and Wine)

Healthy Thanksgiving Sides (Food and Wine)

What to do with Rutabaga (9 recipes)


Healthy Planet, Healthy You:

New physical activity guidelines were just released by the federal government. Not surprisingly, they tell us to move more by any means necessary! There’s a growing body of evidence about the benefits of physical activity to people of all ages. It can slow the progress of diseases like diabetes; it can improve brain development in kids; and it can make you happier! These findings are particularly important for kids! Read more here. Not only is getting outside and moving more good for you, it actually impacts your feelings about nature and your desire to protect our resources. So get outside, go for a walk and bring a friend!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Amanda and the Farm Team

3 days left to register for Fall CSA!!

The crisp blue skies and the cooler temperatures mean that fall is just around the corner. Our collaborative CSA is a great way to support local farmers and eat the freshest produce around!

The details: 

Get the best of the end of summer produce (tomatoes, peppers, eggplant) and stock up on fall specialties (winter squash, potatoes, beets, carrots).

Duration: 12 weeks; starts September 26. Cost $264 (full share; pick up every week) or $132 (half share; pick up every other week). Sign up now: Full; Half

Medical Residents, please use this form.

New to CSAs? Learn more about our program here


Example of a summer share

Recipe: Easy Pear Salsa

Delicious new flavor combinations don’t have to be difficult or elaborate.  This take on a conventional salsa highlights the natural sweetness of roasted salsa veggies with a touch of natural sugar from pears and parsley instead of cilantro.  The toasted cumin and black pepper add a satisfying complexity and make this homemade salsa salsa worthy of any you’ll find in a grocery store or restaurant.  Since it’s made in a slow cooker, prep time is a fraction of a raw veggie salsa.

Easy Pear Salsa