Living Seasonally

It’s November 23rd, 2016. Until this weekend, the weather felt like September. But despite the warm weather, I’ve been feeling myself return to my winter habits. I am surprised to find that the shorter days drive my behavior more than the temperature outside.

As I spend more time at home cooking, reading, and enjoying the company of friends, I am grateful for the passage of time and the changing seasons. After a frenetic summer, I need the long nights to force me to slow down and rest. This is a time of regeneration.

I cooked more times in the last two weeks than I had in the entire month previous. What I’m cooking has changed also. Root vegetables are prominent in their sweet, crispy glory. I roasted a locally-raised chicken, and was reminded how many ways a chicken can feed a family. (Have you ever made homemade stock?). And, maybe best of all is the salad!!!

Even though temperatures have finally cooled off and the days are short, there is still so much growing at The Farm. This is the season for cold-hardy greens: spinach, lettuce, baby kale, arugula, ruby frills, and so much more. These greens taste sweet, crisp and have more bite than standard lettuce. As one of the CSA customers told me: “Your spicy salad mix has rocked my world!” Not only does our salad mix incorporate a broad variety of greens. But also, greens taste better in the fall/winter because sugar is nature’s antifreeze. Once the greens have frozen once, the flavor changes dramatically!


What are your winter habits? One new habit I’m working on is feeling more gratitude. The best way to make a new habit is to practice. If you’re a St. Joe’s colleague, join the Gratitude Challenge Nov 28-Dec 16th. Learn more here.

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