Mercy High School Girls Make a Difference on The Farm!

 Girls helping water seedlingsFarmer Dan, U of M intern Courtney with our young ladies from Mercy High School The lone male volunteer amongst the group of girls! Enjoying the camarederie What a nice group of volunteers. Ginger Raymond leading the group. Mercy girls helping in the hoop houseCleaning up in the hoop house Look at the bounty for the patient menu Working hard to make a difference Endless weeding Harvesting carrots for market Girls pulling out the old plants getting ready for new plantings Harvesting tomatoes for the Farmer's Market and patient menus Digging in the dirt Girls weeding by the imaging center Farmer Dan guiding the girls Mercy girls helping our Sisters of Mercy Helping remove the old tomato plants to make room for winter planting Great weather for our helpers Mercy High School at the Farm


Last week, The Farm at St. Joe’s celebrated ‘Mercy Make a Difference Day’ with numerous volunteers (students and teachers) from Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan. As part of the schools mission, all students are deployed throughout the community to ‘make a difference.’ We enjoyed every bright smile and eager attitude. In the past, Farmer Dan’s mother would come and help him remove the old tomato plants to get ready for winter planting. This year, the yound ladies did the same work in a matter of hours. They all worked so hard to clean up the Farm, harvest vegetables for farmer’s market and the patiet menu, clean up at Sisters’ house, and weed by the Imaging Center. We thank our crew, which also included Robin Damschroder’s son, Ginger Raymond, teachers, parents and students from Mercy High. These are future leaders who understand how food is grown and they will make a difference with the lessons learned at our farm. Thanks to all!

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