Have you had a taste of The Farm?

As another new and excited dietetic intern arriving at The Farm at St. Joe’s, I have to say that my first week was a testament to the therapeutic powers of nature. My name is Ann Lokuta and I’ll be spending the next week at St. Joe’s absorbing as much food for thought as I can from Dan and all of the farm’s amazing volunteers about gardening and growing delicious edibles for the promotion of health.

A plentiful carrot harvest for Wednesday's market!

A plentiful carrot harvest for Wednesday’s market.

The past week has consisted of harvesting, weeding, cooking, staffing the St. Joe’s Farmer’s Market, and much, much, more.  Although my gardening experience prior to a week ago was limited to about two weeks during my toddler years, there is no denying the remarkable taste of a fruit or vegetable ripe off the vine. The tomatoes, carrots, kale, green peppers, and herbs that I’ve gotten to harvest and snack on over this past week were of no exception.  It was necessary to take a break every now and then to sneak a few of the farm’s tomatoberry tomatoes into my mouth instead of the bucket and the taste was phenomenal. I think I’ve become an unofficial spokesperson for these sweet little delights.  They are hands down the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted.

The Farm at St. Joe's claim to fame (in my opinion): the tomato berry.

The Farm at St. Joe’s claim to fame (in my opinion): the tomato berry.

If you haven’t made your way down to the farm to check out what’s actually happening, I strongly suggest you do so soon.  The weather has been perfect to pop on over during your lunch break to explore the grounds and take in a few gulps of fresh air (a sure fire recipe for instant stress relief).  Poke your head into the farm trailer to say hello to Farmer Dan or I (I’ll be here all next week!), or find us in one of the hoop houses for a quick tour.

The Farm's tuscan kale serves as a nutritious addition to salads and smoothies.

The Farm’s tuscan kale serves as a nutritious addition to salads and smoothies.

If you’re interested in taking a taste of the farm home with you, drop by the lobby of the main entrance to St. Joe’s on Wednesdays and Fridays from 11 am – 1:30 pm.  The hospital hosts a Farmer’s Market where you can buy fresh picked produce from The Farm at St. Joe’s and Green Things Farm, try some food samples (cooked by the dietetic interns), and grab some recipes to recreate the magic in the comfort of your own home.

Spread the word, bring some friends, and come say hello!



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