Welcome The Farm at St. Joe’s Brighton

The Farm at St. Joe’s Brighton is the newest crop in town! Dr. Tom Longley, Dr. Amy Berke and fellow residents from Livingston Family Medicine Center have started a farm at St. Joesph Mercy Brighton.  It is located by the East End Employee Lot near the Cancer Center. The first seedlings were planted Saturday, May 24, 2014 by residents, their families and volunteers. They planted herbs such as, basil, cilantro, rosemary and thyme. They also planted several  types of lettuce, spinach, mammoth sunflowers, broccoli, arugula, peas, bush beans and tomatoes. They will be planting peppers shortly and will need volunteers to come out and help. Check out pictures of the farm below and stay tuned for updates and future events!


Group photo from May 24 seedling planting.
From Left to Right: Dr. Amy Berke , Lupe Longley, Alaina Longley, Sophia Longley, Dr. Renee Brayton, Dr. Robert Brummeler, Dr. Tom Longley, Karen Elliott , Dan Bair.
Behind the camera is Dr. Schultz.


Residents and volunteers working on the 30 by 60 foot plot.


The plot has been tilled and the shed and fence was built by Dr. Longley and Dr. Schultz.


A side view of plot, shed and fence.


Dr. Longley’s daughters prepping the plot.


Residents and volunteers prep the plot for seedlings.

3 thoughts on “Welcome The Farm at St. Joe’s Brighton

  1. Barbara Lee says:

    I live so close but this is the first I have learned about this wonderful farm. I will be checking it out very soon. Barbara Lee

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