New Dietetic Intern from UM

My name is Cami Mandell, I’m a recent graduate of the University of Michigan School of Public Health and a current dietetic intern. I have always been interested in food and have always felt at home in a kitchen. My interest in cooking and branching out and trying fruits and vegetables has only increased with time. I love to improvise and use whatever ingredients I have to make a healthy and creative meal.

I came to the farm with very little farming or gardening knowledge, in fact, I have yet to keep a plant alive, or healthy. I have spent some time on an organic farm before, picking green beans, digging up potatoes, and assembling CSA boxes. I really enjoyed the experience and loved all of the farm fresh produce I was able to take home. Unfortunately, my plant knowledge didn’t really improve. After only one week at the farm here I have already learned quite a bit; how seeding plants works, that how you plant a plant and where you keep it really is important, and that one of my favorite herbs, basil, doesn’t survive in cold weather (which explains a lot about my poor basil plants). I’m looking forward to continuing to learn about all the different vegetables grown on the farm and improve my knowledge of organic farming!

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