Spring at The Farm

I wasn’t sure spring would happen this year. Thankfully it has and it is glorious today, sunny and 80F for a high. I’ll take it.

Last week Rebecca brought a new box of bees and a new queen for the first honey bee hive to be repopulated for 2014. We’ll have 2 or 3 more hives brought out in the coming weeks. Unfortunately our hives didn’t make it through the winter. I’m working to expand the area around the farm to be managed organically, and hopefully this will help the bees survive this year.


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Volunteer Sandy donated a Ford Fusion full of plants, including a tree, 2 weeks ago which we have used to landscape around the sign near the accessible hoophouse. Sandy has been working with me to design and implement a landscaping plan to make The Farm look a little more civilized. She donated a weeping spruce, lavender, ornamental grasses, Japanese anemone, creeping sedum, and a butterfly bush for the centerpiece. Sandy has also been adding improvement and landscaping elements to the fairy garden. Stop by and see for yourself sometime. You’ll also nice the lovely tulips that Eisenhower Center planted with a volunteer sorority group.

I’ve set up some nice umbrella tables near the peach trees. Stop by if you’re in the area or going for a lunch time walk. Feel free to bring a bag lunch and enjoy The Farm at St. Joe’s. Visitors are welcome and encouraged!


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