I’m strong to the finish cause I eat my spinach…

The nutrition department would like to thank our CEO, Rob Casalou, Dr. David Steinberg, Registered Dietitian, Kyle Bunton and Executive Chef, Ryan Kendall for judging our spinach contest. We had over 30 recipes entered into the contest. Special thanks to the registered dietitians for preparing 6 of the recipes on their own time at home for the judges to taste. Also, we appreciate farmer Dan announcing the event and donating the delicious organic spinach from The Farm.

spinach contest

Congratulations to Julianna Porter from MHVI who was our grand prize winner. Her recipe will be featured in The Market Cafe for purchase! In addition, all finalists received a Farm logo shirt for participating. Those not selected received a coupon for the Farmer’s Market. Thanks to everyone involved who helped with the fun event. See below for the winning recipe:


Ground Turkey and Spinach


1 lb ground turkey

1 large 3lb pack of fresh spinach

1 small onion

2 cloves garlic

¼ cup olive oil

Juice from 2 fresh lemons

3 tablespoons of pine nuts

1 teaspoon allspice,salt,black pepper

½ teaspoon turmeric

2 tablespoons of tomatoe paste

6 cups of water or organic vegetable broth


Brown basmati rice made according to package directions

 Saute garlic,onion, and pine nuts in olive oil until lightly brown

Add ground turkey and spices-cook until done

Add water or broth until boiling

Add tomatoe paste until blended then add spinach

Cook on med for 20min then just on simmer until rice is done

Add lemon juice just before serving

 Cook rice according to directions

 Serve spinach on top of rice

Enjoy the surge of energy and feeling great from eating spinach! Dark, leafy greens are one the most nutrient-dense power foods you can eat. Try to get at least one serving each day or even better-  one serving at each meal.

Thanks for supporting The Farm at St. Joe’s!

2 thoughts on “I’m strong to the finish cause I eat my spinach…

  1. Janet says:

    The first line of instructions say “Brown basmati rice..” but that item is not listed in the ingredients section. Is this a specific brand or boxed type or is it a volume measurement of plain rice?

    • Daniel Bair says:

      Brown basmati is a variety of rice, not a specific brand. I’d recommend making as much rice as you need, and serve the recipe over the rice. You could substitute any brown rice, but basmati is very good.

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