Introducing Dietetic Intern: Kelly Bissonette

By Kelly Bissonette

Hi, my name is Kelly Bissonette and I am a Dietetic Intern at the University of Michigan.  Today is my first day on the farm, and a beautiful one at that.  I will be working on the Farm at St. Joe’s for the next two weeks and am excited to learn all I can about organic farming.  I have dabbled in growing a few of my own vegetables and herbs but have not been entirely successful, so I am looking forward to gaining more experience.

I am originally from Grand Rapids but I have been living in the Ann Arbor area for 6 years while attending the University of Michigan for both undergraduate and graduate school.  My undergraduate degree is in brain behavior and cognitive science and I recently graduated with my masters degree from the School of Public Health in dietetics.  Throughout my public health education, I gained an interest in local, sustainable food but did not have much time to explore this area other than attending the Ann Arbor farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.  I am excited to experience the production behind what I see being sold at the market.

One of the aspects of working on the farm that I am most excited about is creating a recipe with the produce we are growing.  I have recently discovered my passion for cooking and I can’t wait to see a meal come literally from farm to table.  I look forward to seeing many of you at the farmer’s market on Wednesday where you can sample my recipe!

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