July Farm at St. Joe’s Update

This afternoon is nudging me inside to experience the blessed air conditioning. Thus, a great opportunity to offer an update as to the happenings at The Farm!

We currently have 3 hard working interns helping at the farm. Emily joins us from Kalamazoo College, and Rachael and Katie are rotating as part of their dietetic internship through The UM School of Public Health. Interns at The Farm help with outdoor farming work, as well as behind the scenes capacity building of our programs.

This year the weather story is all about the rain, as opposed to last year’s drought. The rain has helped certain crops grow big and lush, such as Swiss chard and pumpkin plants. On the other hand, some of my newly seeded cover crops have struggled, especially in the low spots, where water pools. Overall, the farm is looking good, and I prefer this years extra rain over last years drought. If I could, I’d take some of this years rain back in time to last summer .

This week we are starting the big garlic harvest. Garlic will be available at the farmers market later in August, after it has cured. Garlic cloves are planted in November and heads of garlic are harvested the following July.

At next weeks market you can expect cherry tomatoes, green peppers, greens, and summer squash from The Farm, and much more from Green Things Farm. Farmers Market occurs in the main hospital lobby Wednesdays from 11-1. See you there!


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