The Farm at St. Joe’s Grows

Have you noticed newly tilled spaces around the hospital campus in the past few weeks?

Farmer Jess has been opening up new ground for hay and small grain production around Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor. The Farm at St. Joe’s is now nearing 20 acres in farm land on our hospital campus.

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Turning lawn into organic agricultural production is part of our goal to be good stewards of the land at St. Joe’s.¬†Since we started The Farm at St. Joe’s almost 3 years ago we’ve been astounded as to the increase in animal biodiversity around the farm. It is not uncommon to see bluebirds, toads, frogs, praying mantis, garden spider, garter snakes, wood-peckers, Canada goose, ¬†and hawks. Organic farming truly is good for people and good for the land.

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