Tip of the day – Weight Loss Books by Kelly Ramseyer, RD

 Finding the right weight loss book can be overwhelming.  The list is endless, as is the number of book reviews.  Just because a weight loss book is popular or on the best-sellers list, doesn’t necessarily mean it is based on sound nutrition advice.  The “Consumer Diet and Lifestyle Book Reviews” www.eatright.org/dietreviews/ from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (A.N.D.) can be a great place to find appropriate weight loss diets, and those to avoid.  A specific book can be located on the website by author, title or topic.  A registered dietitian writes the review for each diet book, listing the claims, synopsis of the diet plan, nutritional pros and cons, and the bottom line for each book.


One of the more popular weight loss books for 2011 was The 17 Day Diet.  Written by an MD, the book may seem to be a great choice.  But as a portion of the “Bottom Line” from A.N.D. states, “This is another diet that will add more confusion to the already confused, fat and malnourished country.  Restrictive meal plans, no fruit after 2 p.m., demonizing food and the low calorie levels of this diet are a perfect combination for a good binge.  Chocolate chip cookie lovers are at risk.”


When making a decision on a weight loss book, ask yourself these questions:  Who is giving the weight loss advice?  Is it based on sound nutrition advice?  Does the diet sound too good to be true?  Are all food groups appropriately included?  Does the diet require food combining or are the calories too restrictive?  Does the author want you to purchase products from him/her?  Does the book encourage a balanced weight loss program that includes exercise and gives suggestions for weight maintenance after the weight loss goal has been reached?  Be sure to check out a science based website such as A.N.D. to double check the book of interest.  And, before purchasing a weight loss book, check out your local library to see if the book is a good choice for you before spending your hard earned money.

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