Weeding Therapy: Advantageous for Garden and Gardener by intern Sophia

 Yes, weeding therapy. Despite the much needed rain that we had yesterday, another Dietetic Intern and I were out in the field weeding. We shared a few laughs over a strange, mutual enjoyment in weeding – found to be physically, mentally and therapeutically beneficial.

 If you haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to spend a day in the field weeding at St. Joe’s Farm.  It really is both good for the gardener and garden. For the gardener, there is satisfaction of getting rid of the dirty, rotten, nutrient suckers, while at the same time working through problems of the garden and life in general. There is a sense of calmness you get after pulling weeds out of your garden. For the garden, getting rid of noxious weeds allows the plants, flowers and vegetables to grow. 

As an experienced at-home gardener, I have a bit of a green thumb and know how to grow a small successful garden, but that does not compare to the depth of knowledge that I have learned from Farmer Dan. I am proud to say my green thumb has gotten wiser and sorer in the past few days. After a few days of weeding at the farm, not only do I have a greater sense of working on a larger scale farm, but also I have a clear mind. Weeding therapy really does work! Although on the surface I have more of a brown thumb than a green one, underneath, the green thumb is prevailing with results of a bountiful garden at the farm and a peaceful outlook.

Come get your hands dirty with us out on the farm and learn about where your green thumb could take you. Don’t forget, FARM MARKET Wednesdays from 11am- 1pm.

Happy weeding and gardening!

Your avid weeder,


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