Conquer Cravings by Kyle Parker-Bunton, RD


It happens to us all, the temptation to a grab a bag of chips or the container of ice cream and a spoon due to boredom, habit, fatigue or stress.  Everyone encounters situations that tempt mindless eating and excessive calorie consumption.  The following tips are just a few ideas to help you conquer your cravings:


  • You have heard it before don’t skip meals.  Try to prevent skipping meals to prevent overeating or snacking later in the day. Breakfast really is a key meal that sets the stage for a great day.


  • Make a healthy choice.  Do you feel the urge to snack most afternoons?  Plan ahead, pack or stock your desk with low calorie munchies.  Portion out a single serving snack to limit your munching.


  • Craving or hunger?  Do you want to eat because you feel hunger or is it in your head?  Set a timer for at least 10 minutes and re-evaluate. Drink a glass of ice water. Cravings are not hunger and will usually go away.  Try distraction or do an activity, such as walking or climbing stairs. Still feel the urge to snack, do so but limit the portion to a single serving.


  • Do you want to snack because the item is in front of you?  Put the candy or chips out of sight.  Removing temptation visually is a great way to prevent snacking.


  • Are people constantly snacking around you in your workspace?  Try wearing earbuds ( if allowed) and listening to music to distract yourself from others munching. 


  • Are food smells increasing your need to snack?  Try putting an odor neutralizer near your workspace.  


  • Get up and move.  We often snack out of boredom.  Turn off the TV or computer and go for a walk. You will burn off some calories plus clear your mind.


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