St. Joseph Mercy Hospital supports local businesses with food purchasing!

St. Joseph Mercy Hospital is committed to purchasing 20% of our food dollars from Michigan producers, processors and distributors by the year 2020. This is part of our pledge to the Michigan Hospital Association and will help support Michigan’s economy. We can make a big difference by spending our food dollars in Michigan.

We are pleased to feature a product from a local company, called Flatout. Look for more details about the company on our blog tomorrow. On Wed, March 21st the Market Cafe will serve Chicken Caesar wraps with farm fresh produce served on a Flatout wrap. Our patients will also have the option to try the Flatout wraps tomorrow. We are proud to have produce from The Farm at St. Joe’s on our menus. The dietitians love the Flatout wraps because of the great nutrition profile. Each wrap is only 100 calories and very high in protein, fiber, whole grains and has minimal added ingredients.

Stop by the Farmer’s Market tomorrow to try a free sample of carrots from The Farm or Flatout crackers with a side of hummus. If you try the sandwich wraps in the Market Cafe tomorrow, let us know what you think!

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