St. Joe’s Staff Can Volunteer at The Farm

Spring is here early and so are the weeds. Volunteer at The Farm at St. Joe’s, and be a part changing the way we think about food at hospitals. Also, be a part of pulling the massive amount of weeds that didn’t die during this mild winter. The weeds also happen to be growing sooner and faster thanks to the warm temperatures.

St. Joe's staff from the Finance Department wear smiles as they pull weeds in the hoophouse.

Volunteering at the farm is a great way to exercise, make friends, and learn about gardening. You can volunteer one time, or you can volunteer on a regular basis. It is common for volunteers to come for two hours once a week.

Here is more information about volunteering at The Farm, as well as links to forms.

You can also call Farmer Dan at 734-712-HOOP (4667) for more information. Save a farmer, kill a weed.

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