Kermit was wrong—it is easy being green! By: Lisa Warren, MS, RD

Eating more sustainably doesn’t have to be difficult.  Small things can help to make a big difference in our environment.   Here are several easy ways to be more eco-conscious:

  • Buy locally grown foods or organic

Support farms that nurture the soil and avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Check out for farms near you.

  • Go plastic free

Save leftovers in glass or wrap baked goods with dishtowels. 

Choose products with recyclable packaging.

  • Turn on your oven less often

Bake a chicken and roast some veggies together–save time—save energy

  • Use the whole veggie 

Eat cauliflower and broccoli stems, greens on beets or celery inner leaves for a healthier, more eco-friendly you!

Make sure you stop by the Farmer’s Market on Wednesday for free samples of al dente pasta with fresh veggies added from the farm!

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