Should I buy organic? By: Lynda Seeley, RD

We’ve all heard about the important health benefits of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. But how do you decide if the extra money spent on organic produce is worth it?  The word “organic” on a label means the food should not contain pesticides, hormones, herbicides or other toxic chemicals.  Although many organic foods may be more expensive, it becomes worthwhile to buy organic if foods contain a lot of pesticides.  The “Dirty Dozen” is a list of foods compiled by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) which lists fruits and vegetables whhich are generally most contaminated with pesticides.   The “Clean 15” contain the least amount of pesticides so organic is less necessary.  Clip this handy list from the EWG to refer to when shopping.

Of note, The Farm at St. Joe is not yet certified as an organic farm, but Farmer Dan does not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. You can confidently support the SJMH Farmer’s Market and know you are not getting any pesticides on your vegetables. We are committed to healthy soil and healthy produce.

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