Winter Garlic Mulching


I’ve been spending the last month mulching garlic at The Farm at St. Joe’s. It was planted in November, and will live under the soil, straw mulch, and snow during the winter.

Garlic is one of my favorites foods to grow, harvest, and eat. You start with a head of garlic, break it into cloves, and plant each clove anytime between October and April. Earlier plantings and healthy soil result in larger heads.

The little cloves put down roots in the fall, and live under the snow all winter. Green shoots sprout up in spring and scapes are harvested off the hard neck varieties in June.

Garlic heads are dug up in June and can be stored into the winter.

I include garlic or garlic scapes in almost everything that I eat.

2 thoughts on “Winter Garlic Mulching

  1. kp says:

    thanks for the info. my husband did not get the garlic in this year and i did not know that the scapes are harvested in june.

    • Daniel Bair says:

      Hi kp,

      You can still plant garlic in your garden if the ground thaws. Or, you can try planting it in the spring when the ground thaws. You’ll still get cloves, but they probably wont be as big.

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