Wishing Our Patients a Speedy Recovery

Farmer Dan Bair and Lisa McDowell give Our Lady of Victory Girl Scout Troop a tour of The Farm. The girls volunteered  their time to help harvest 700 tulips this past Tuesday.

Dave and Ginger Raymond also volunteered to help teach the girls the proper technique of harvesting tulips. Ginger is an expert gardener and greatly enjoyed working with the girls.

Girl scouts Sarah, Allia and Caitlin marveled at the beautiful shades of pink and orange tulips. The rain held off while the girls picked the tulips in the field.

We’d like to give special thanks to Sister Ann Tyler for spending the evening taking all these lovely photos for us to share.

The girls brought all of the flowers over to the hospital to start preparing each tulip by inserting the stem into a water vial and attaching a get-well card and ribbon.

Visitors passing by enjoyed watching the girls hard at work. Many of the visitors were touched by the gesture and eager for the breakfast surprise.

Mui Trong assembles the Wednesday morning breakfast tray with a smile knowing she is bringing great cheer to each patient.

Thanks to all departments that helped  make this happen: marketing, print shop, A/V, food services, clinical nutrition and the The Farm.

2 thoughts on “Wishing Our Patients a Speedy Recovery

  1. Diane Downer says:

    What a great idea to plant flowers that end up on the trays of our patients. I saw the tulips, and they were spectacular. This is the kind of gesture that exemplifies “remarkable care.”

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