Bagged Baby Greens at Joe’s Java

Get your bagged baby greens at Joe’s Java, in the main hospital lobby, delivered each Wednesday and Friday. This week we have baby red Russian kale, baby spinach, and baby salad mix.

“What do I do with these greens?”, you might ask. These baby greens are sweet and tender, so you can eat them raw as a salad. Mix them all up together. I may be biased, but I think they taste great.

My favorite simple thing to do is cook the baby kale  in a pan with olive oil and mix in with scrambled eggs alongside a piece of toast and cup of coffee or tea. Greens for breakfast is a good tasting and good-for-you way to start the day.

Eating greens will make you feel good!

2 thoughts on “Bagged Baby Greens at Joe’s Java

  1. carol fry says:

    Is there a chance that in the future you may sell the produce at another location eg: the womens health center, MOSC, or reichert some of us can’t get away long enough to go over to the main hospital thank you for your consideration and reply

    • Daniel Bair says:

      I’ll look into it. I’m not aware of any cooler space in those areas that we could stock the produce. I wonder if others would be interested in this?

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